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The Child Health Research Foundation (CHRF) was initiated by a group of child health researchers of Bangladesh, working through research and educational efforts to facilitate the decision making on appropriate child health policy. CHRF has established collaboration with different national and international organizations like USAID, WHO, Johns Hopkins University, ICDDR,B International Vaccine Institute (IVI), Novartis Vaccine Institute of Global Health and others. CHRF dreams to contribute to reducing child mortality by creating awareness for appropriate care and care-seeking, ensuring rational treatments, and evidence-based preventive programs.

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Get to know us. Our team dedicates their expertise to help make a better, safer world. Learn more about the heroes behind our success.



We use our generated data to advocate for evidence-based policy decisions. Our aim is to raise awareness and convert data to policy. Our work has brought the Hib vaccine to Bangladesh in 2009 and the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV10) in 2015, both of which have been incorporated into the National Immunization Program.

Research & Surveillance

To prevent infections, our multidisciplinary team monitors where diseases are spreading, and investigate to understand how and why. Our work covers a range of topics, all aiming to promote and implement better healthcare in Bangladesh and worldwide.


Our disease detectives are hard at work every day to understand microorganisms which cause deadly diseases.


We learn more about microorganisms by looking at the molecular level to understand how they work.


Increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is one of the world’s biggest concerns, we monitor AMR and also seek novel antimicrobials.


Notall children who fall sick visit the hospital, so we look to the community aswell to truly understand child health.

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